I have been always fascinated with people.

I have been always fascinated with people, the way we act and interract with each other or in certain life circumstances.

I used to be a lactation consultant and I ended up a life coach, the founder of the Magic Weaning movement, author of the Magic Weaning book and a motivational speaker.

There are so many things changing, and so little time to redefine, adjust and learn new ways to navigate motherhood

I have started this journey 11 years ago when I had checked all the boxes that proved I had a succesfull adult life, and just when I was done, I found out I was ill. The diagnosis was an autoimune disease - and if you are not familiar with the term, it means ill for life! And this is the first trigger that sent me to look for answers. Why was this happening to me, at the exact moment I was all set and I could enjoy life…

Use therapy to find out who you are, so life will now have to bluntly show you who you really are!

I searched and I found! And things started to untangle. A few years after this, my son was born, and suddenly, that very day, life got real. I saw plain and clear that I was not happy, I had no idea how happiness looked for me and up until then I strongly believed that happiness was outside of myself. And so I decided I deserved to be happy and I started a very thorough search to discover who I am and why I am here on Earth.

Magic Weaning
121 coach

What you seek, is seeking you!

Every person I worked with and every training or event I participated in helped me get to my next level, every time. Just like everyone in this school of life, I am still a work in progress, even though I managed to get to a position where I am able to help others.

Through my programs and 121 I am creating the space for people to see the beauty of their soul and the unlimited potential that derives from it, regardless of where they start, what they did or did not do in their lives.

My Experience

Full time coach for 7 years
121 Coaching
Motivational speaker
author of the Magic Weaning book
Magic Wearning
6 years

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The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.