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The Magic Weaning program was created in 2016. At that time, as a breastfeeding consultant and a breastfeeding mother, I reached a point where, although I wanted to breastfeed until self-weaning, I felt that breastfeeding was done for me. So I needed a solution to wean gently, quickly and consciously.

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Hello, fairy!

First and foremost, I want to congratulate you on the decision and strength to breastfeed your little one, who will grow into a wonderful adult thanks to your dedication and love!

Just as breastfeeding is a natural, wonderful process where you may need guidance and support, especially in the beginning, the end of this bond and ritual between the mother and her child can either unfold naturally and effortlessly by itself or may require some guidance and support.

You might say: “Yes, but why?”

Because, compared to the beginning of breastfeeding where it is a matter of technique and latch, at weaning time the technique disappears and the emotional aspect takes over for both the mother and the child. This, added to 1 or 2 years of sleepless nights, just doesn’t work in your favor. The emotional aspect comes into place as weaning represents the second physical separation, this time being permanent and irrevocable.

Moreover, every child is different and so are we, the mothers, who always want the best for them. 

In Magic Weaning, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. What you will find is a process that, once understood, can be adapted by the mother to suit her and her child’s specific needs.


So to speak, the program was born in 2016, during the time I was breastfeeding. At that time I was a breastfeeding consultant, but realised that no one knew how to wean, including myself! Thus, I conceived this process and method, being my first client and beneficiary. I weaned my child — who was breastfed on demand, co-slept and exclusively carried — quickly, gently and fulfilling, from one day to the next. Ever since, I have stopped giving breastfeeding consultations and mothers were coming towards me to learn how to wean gently. Over 2500 mothers later, the MAGIC WEANING Program continues to help mothers transition to the new stage of their lives with a smile, without regrets nor traumas neither for them nor their child.

But what does it mean “Magic Weaning” for children and what does it mean for mothers?

If, when it comes to breastfeeding there is a plethora of courses, books and breastfeeding consultants, when it comes to weaning, information is quite vague, close to non-existent, especially if we're talking about weaning as we all dream about to be: quick, gentle, fulfilling and trauma free both for the child and the mother.

What are the benefits of the program?

The program includes videos with detailed explanations of key points in the process, elements and tools for emotional release and balance, tools for managing and reducing fears related to the 'big separation.' These tools will also assist you in other areas of motherhood in the following stages: potty training, sleeping in separate beds/rooms, starting daycare, returning to work and even the first getaway with your partner/spouse for a well-deserved weekend of reconnecting as a couple, just the two of you. The unanimous realisation of mothers after going through this process with all its secondary benefits, is that at the end, a trauma free weaning turns into a bonus. You get to understand so much about yourself and bring positive changes to your behaviour once you release and balance the “deposits” of stale and stagnant emotions accumulated during the first 1 to 2 years of motherhood.

Magic Weaning

With the information I could access as a breastfeeding consultant, I just couldn't come up with a quick solution. However, a few years before becoming a mother for the first time (in 2013), I have begun a journey of self-work and discovery. A journey during which I’ve been seeing results from the beginning and the process is still unraveling. I overcame an auto-immune disease and learned in the process how to connect with my soul, how to choose and how to put in place my emotions and thoughts in order to match my purposes.

Come to the Magic Weaning side!

Where there is lack, there’s also an opportunity to fill in the gap …if and when the gap triggers you to search for and find your own answers. Basically, adding my own juice and inner intuition on what I was educating myself, the MAGIC WEANING program and method was born. From this point on, the demand for breastfeeding consultation decreased, while those for weaning have increased. The process has evolved over the years taking into account the experience of working with over 2500 mothers who have passed through my hands, as well as the courses, professional and personal development I have undertaken.

1:1 unlimited assistance

However, there are things that have remained unchanged, such as the “famous” phrases we tell our children at some point during the magical weaning process. With these I have weaned my son from one day to the next without having him crying, suffering or experiencing any emotional or behavioral “baggage” as in the case of more abrupt and brutal breastfeeding. So, if you are ready to look closely and fearlessly at what within you is hindering you from weaning in a respectful, fulfilling and effortless manner, then I invite you into the world of Magic Weaning, a journey of deep diving into self-disvovery!


Magic Weaning

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